TMB50 Bass Amplifier Head


50 watts tube bass head.

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Designed for the bassist in need of a great sounding, all tube amplifier, without the excessive weight. At only 13.6kgs this bass head is an excellent example of maximum efficiency.

With simplicity in mind the control panel is as straight-forward as they come. The “Gain” knob controls how much the pre-amp section is driven, the “Treble” knob adjusts the level of the high frequencies in the signal, the “Bass” knob controls the lower level frequencies while and the “Master” knob controls the overall output volume of the amplifier. In addition to these controls there is also a very useful “Mid-Shift” control that shifts the mid-range response from a flatter sound to a more “scooped” mid-range response.

With the “Gain” control the player can take this amp from pristine cleans all the way to powerful over driven and gritty bass tones, very handy if you need to dial in today’s modern tone as required. Using 2 KT66 power tubes, 2 12AX7 pre-amp tubes and a solid state rectifier, this bass amp is sure to deliver what any bassist needs out of an amplifier without all the heavy lifting.

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