Blackface Deluxe Reverb


The classic itself.


Our Deluxe Reverb Guitar Amplifier is based on arguably the most widely used guitar amp of all time. Just about every iconic guitarist imaginable has played through a Deluxe Reverb at some point or another, but this amp has been specifically touted by artists such as Mike Campbell, Vince Gill, Jackson Brown and even Elvis Costello.

Considered by some a perfect pedal platform amp, this simple 22 watt circuit comes stock with a Jensen C12Q 12″ speaker and two JJ 6V6 power tubes. This combination provides a foundation for crystal clear note separation with a full and warm body. Experience the classic chime of a Deluxe Reverb and take advantage of the multiple inputs, two channels, and beautiful onboard reverb and tremolo effects.

There are two inputs on the normal channel. Input 1 is slightly hotter than input 2 giving a guitarist the option to connect multiple guitars whose pickups have different output levels without having to adjust the amp’s volume levels. Super handy. The normal channel is extremely user friendly and straightforward with only three controls — volume, treble and bass. The Vibrato channel also has two inputs which work the same way as those on the normal channel. Similarly the Vibrato channel contains volume, treble and bass but also houses the controls for reverb level as well as tremolo speed and intensity.

Point to point and hand-wired right here at Tone Monkey HQ with a 100% guarantee.

Class Type: AB All Tube Amplifier
Output: ~22 Watts
Circuit: AB763
Bias Type: Fixed with an adjustable bias potentiometer


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